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Sári - Portrait Series in Ireland, the Story of a Belated Photoshoot

Updated: May 19

At the end of May, we traveled to Ireland with Sári to visit one of our friends, Lilly, who is studying in Dublin.

We had been planning a trip together for a long time, but something always came up. However, this time we booked our plane tickets well in advance to ensure we could travel.

Besides exploring Dublin, we also discovered rural landscapes and even took part in a Game of Thrones tour, where we visited the filming locations of the world-famous series. We visited simply breathtaking places.

During the few days, I had plenty of opportunities to take photos, and I seized the chance to create a series of portraits of Sári.

Years ago, I gave all my friends a photo gift voucher for their 18th birthdays, which they could redeem for a portrait session with me. Some of them have already used it, but there are still some who haven't even now. :D

Actually, if we look at it, this photoshoot for Sári is her 18th birthday gift from me, and she got lucky because I've also improved a lot over the years in theory and practice, but the icing on the cake was being able to be creative in such a beautiful country. :)

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