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Welcome to Europe's one of the most beautiful cities, Budapest!

Hi, I'm Sara, your personal photographer in Budapest!:)

Budapest is a stunning city, filled with breathtaking sights, history, and culture. If you're here, you probably want to capture these moments in unique and professional photos. I'm here, to help you make this experience unforgettable!

During your photo sessions, my goal is to capture those moments that matter to you the most at Budapest's most beautiful locations, whether it's along the Danube, in the Fisherman Bastion, in the Castle, on the iconic bridges, in picturesque squares, or within the cozy atmosphere of local cafes.

Whether it's a family vacation, a couple's photoshoot, a surprise proposal, or a solo traveler portfolio, I'm here to assist.

With a decade of living in this beautiful city, I bring a deep connection to its charm and culture. Not only can I capture stunning images for you, but I can also be your guide to the hidden gems and exciting experiences that Budapest has to offer.

My unique perspective as a local and my extensive knowledge of the city's history, art, and culinary scene make me your ideal companion for your stay in Budapest. Having completed tour guide training, I can not only frame your moments but also lead you to captivating places, whether you're looking for the coziest cafés, the most delectable restaurants, or the most fascinating museums.

Allow me to take you on a photographic journey through the streets of Budapest, while also introducing you to the heart and soul of this remarkable city.

Let's create unforgettable memories and discover the true essence of Budapest together.

I look forward to sharing this incredible experience with you!


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To book, please specify the type of photography session, preferred date, and location. If you're unsure about the location,
I can suggest some options. Regarding the timing, if possible, provide multiple availability slots.
If you have any questions regarding the photography session, please feel free to include them in your message as well.

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