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Fanny and David's wedding by Lake Balaton at Tölgyes Kúria in Riza

Fanny was my university classmate at Corvinus. When she approached me about the wedding, I was thrilled because I already knew them both, Fanny and David, and I thought they made a great couple. The wedding took place on a Saturday in August at the Tölgyes Kúria by Lake Balaton. I had been eyeing this venue for a long time, and when I found out that Fanny and David's wedding would be held there, I couldn't wait for the big day to arrive.

I met Fanny and the others at the Bonvino Hotel, where preparations were in full swing. Hair and makeup were done here, and then we went together to the Tölgyes Kúria. I will never forget the moment when I saw the decor and the venue together. The simplicity and colors of the decor completely enchanted me, and as I stood there looking at the mountains and Lake Balaton, all I could think was: I've always wanted to be in places like this and attend weddings like this.

There wasn't much empty time because the guests were already arriving, and Fanny and David were waiting for them together. Fanny only slipped into her beautiful Daalarna dress just before the ceremony, and then Dávid saw her in the dress for the first time (there were tears in their eyes, of course, mine too... :D).

The intimacy of the ceremony touched everyone. One of my favorite parts was when Fanny and Dávid's parents, siblings, and witnesses tied their clasped hands with colorful ribbons. Each ribbon had a meaning that would play an important role in their married life, symbolizing their togetherness.

The menu included very special dishes because Fanny's paternal side is Vietnamese. Many Vietnamese relatives also attended the wedding, so part of the menu was Vietnamese food: spring rolls and pho soup.

Another favorite touching moment that captivated everyone was when David's musician father played the piano and sang a song for the couple during dinner, and then the first dance happened to his music.

After dinner, FMan and Follow the Violin kicked off the party, which lasted until dawn under the light of the full moon.


Venue: Tölgyes Kúria - Riza

Wedding planner: Cinderella's Day - Tóbel Nóri, Királyfalvi-Kovács Villő 

Decoration: Völgy Event Design - Ferenczi Zita

Graphic decorative elements and invitations: Kozsahuba Kata

Fanny's dresses : Welcome drinks - D&G,  wedding dress - Daalarna 

David's suit : Öltönyök háza 

Make up artist: Garádiné Pajor Kinga

Hair: Nébel Anita

MC: Nacsa Szilárd 

Officiant: Your Story Ceremony  -  Lazáry Fanni 

Sound and lighting technology: Kisfaludy Gábor 

Dj: Gál Tamás 

Performers: FMan és FollowTheViolin    

Deserts na:  Desszeretlek

Kids' corner: Gyerekbarát Esküvő




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