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Hakima and Imi's bohemian, colorful, carefree wedding at Öreg Tölgy Kastély- Fogadó in Pusztazámor.

Hakima and Imi exchanged their vows in a beautiful setting at the Old Oak Castle Inn in Pusztazámor. They organized a very relaxed wedding with no obligatory elements, wanting everyone to celebrate with them carefree.

The decoration consisted of colorful wildflowers, which perfectly complemented the atmosphere of the garden. There's no need for much decor in this location, as it already exudes a special ambiance.

I loved Hakima's dress, which was not a typical wedding gown at all, but that's what made it unique. Imi's suit also had a little extra touch, as he chose a special color.

The ceremony took place in the garden of the inn, under the shade of a beautiful tree. There was no shortage of tears and laughter. One of my favorite moments was when Hakima and Imi sealed their vows with a unique handshake.

The whole day was filled with joy, laughter, and love

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