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Kriszti and Marci's modern, relaxed wedding at Henye Borbár in Bodrogkeresztúr

Kriszti and Marci's shared story began at Krúdy Gyula High School in Nyíregyháza in the spring of 2014. Since then, they've experienced a lot together, embarked on many adventures, and got engaged last summer.

I became friends with Kriszti during my years at Corvinus, and I was delighted when they approached me to capture their big day. It's always a special thing to photograph a friend's wedding.

On their wedding day, when I arrived at Henye Borbár, there was already a lot of hustle and bustle. Kriszti was getting her makeup done, Marci was putting the finishing touches to the venue. In the girls' room, the bridesmaids' hairstyles were being done, and the final arrangements were made for who would enter the ceremony when. Then came the time when Marci, with the help of his parents and siblings, and Kriszti, with the help of her three bridesmaids, got dressed and were ready to start the day they had been dreaming of for almost 10 years.

Marci first saw Kriszti in her wedding dress at the Szent-Teréz Chapel in Tarcal. After the church ceremony, the civil ceremony was again at the Borbár. Both ceremonies suited Kriszti and Marci perfectly: full of small tears, emotions, glances, and laughter, so I was able to capture many great moments!

After the ceremonies came the bouquet and garter toss, followed by a real battle! Then, after the group photos, we sneaked away for 20 minutes to take the portrait photos in this beautiful landscape.

The dinner was opened by the master of ceremonies, Peti (Marci's best friend for 25 years), Kriszti's father, Marci's brother, and Kriszti's bridesmaids, each with a speech. Each speech was truly touching. I always love to capture the reactions, and it shows in the photos what atmosphere these speeches created.

After dinner, the party could begin, which Kriszti and Marci opened with their first dance. They prepared a special dance because Kriszti had been doing contemporary dance since her childhood at the RE-flex dance school, and their first dance was also taught by Rácz Erika.

One of my favorite moments came after this... when Marci and Kriszti finished their dance, they signaled to the guests that it was time for everyone to step onto the dance floor. Kriszti and Marci's friends ran up to them and hugged them. These are the moments I love to photograph at weddings. When I can see how much love is flowing!

I would easily give Kriszti the award for the most energetic bride. With her leadership, the party lasted until 5 in the morning, and it was such a big party that even Pitbull showed up and sang a few songs. Of course, the bride kidnapping could not be missed either. Marci's friends made sure it wasn't so easy to get back the newlywed wife. However, Kriszti's friends also did their best, as there was a husband kidnapping as well, and Kriszti had to fulfill serious tasks to be with Marci again.

At the end of the party, the die-hard group watched the sunrise together on the terrace, and there couldn't have been a better end to the day.

The vendors team consisted entirely of acquaintances and friends, so this also added to the magic, as the hours spent together were in a very good mood.

Venue: Henye Borbár és Vendégház

Videographer: Bence Richárd Gyöngyösi

Decoration: A műhely

Tablecloths: Montvai-Szmerek Zsuzsa

Flowers: Zoltán Gerliczki

MC: Szilágyi Péter

Wedding dress: Daalarna - Benes Anita

Dress alteration Aryen Bride

Dinner: Dereszla Bisztró

Desserts: V O I L Á desszertműhely

Cake: Graciána Garai

Church ceremony: Szent Teréz-Kápolna

Reformed pastor: Katona Béla

DJ: DJ Till

Rings: Zosha Works

Hair: Luca Lakatos

Make up Artist: Fanny Tóth

Dance teacher: Erika Rácz

Bridemaids dresses: GRAZIA STORE

Selfie machine: Selfie Machine

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