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Linda and Gergő's micro wedding - sunrise creative photoshoot at the Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest, afternoon civil ceremony with close family and friends

Linda and Gergő have been living in Austria for several years now, but they decided to hold their wedding in Budapest, Hungary, with a small circle of guests.

We thought a lot about where to take the creative photos, and Linda and Gergő decided they wanted a sunrise photo shoot at the Fisherman's Bastion. After the shoot, I made a vow to only accept sunrise photo shoots at this location. The fact that at this time the place is almost exclusively ours (besides a few tourists and a couple of other photo shoots) and the lights that greet us in the morning are the most beautiful at this location, only reinforced my decision.

This day was such a recharge for me that it still lasts to this day. It was a joy to see the love and respect between Linda and Gergő, which has been going on for almost six years now! Their four-legged furry child also accompanied them, of course, and couldn't be left out of the photos! :)

In the afternoon, they officially said 'I do' to each other at the district 14 registry office, surrounded by their family and best friends.

There was no shortage of laughter and tears. ❤️

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