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Judit+Andris - The Story of a Photoshoot in Santorini

Updated: May 19

For those who have been following me for a while, you may know that I love to travel and discover new places/people.

The desire has always been in me, but it became even stronger when I went to study in China. When I returned home, I was already planning my next longer/shorter trips. Among my plans was to go abroad again for my university internship, then Covid happened. No foreign internship, not even a long weekend trip in the past year and a half. I tried to see Covid as an opportunity to calm down a bit, focus on my tasks at home (which it was). But one thing I knew: this summer, I wanted to get on a plane and explore a new place.

I've been writing a travel bucket list for years. Santorini has been at the top of my list since then (I'm a sunset addict and I was simply drawn to the little Greek island), so I thought this summer would be perfect to check off this point.

Since it had been a long time without traveling, I came up with the idea that if I had the opportunity to go abroad in the near future, I would try to organize a photoshoot wherever I went. I want my portfolio to be decorated with as diverse photos as possible, and those who are looking for a photographer can see that I'm willing to travel abroad for a photoshoot. When we decided to go to Santorini, I immediately started planning, thinking about how I could arrange the photoshoot. As simple as it seemed at first, upon further consideration, it became more complicated: I didn't travel alone this time, I had to adjust to our schedule, we only spent a few days on the island, and logistically it would have been difficult to organize a photoshoot. So I decided to be spontaneous. I won't plan anything in advance. If I see a nice, friendly couple out there, I'll approach them and ask if I can take a few pictures of them, and I also hoped that I might find them at our accommodation.

We spent five days (Monday-Friday) on the island, but it enchanted me from the first moment. We traveled around Santorini with the local bus, sometimes having to wait for 40-50 minutes because they ran only every half hour, and sometimes the driver thought there was no more room on the bus and didn't stop. This happened on Wednesday morning too, when my mom and I waited for almost an hour for the bus. Actually, since our schedule wasn't tight, we waited patiently for a bus to finally stop. As we stood there at the "bus stop," a young couple suddenly caught my eye. I immediately told my mom how good they looked, and I would love to photograph them. A few minutes later, the bus arrived, we got on. My mom and I started talking, and suddenly I heard them speaking Hungarian behind us too. The couple, Judit and Andris, were sitting behind us, the ones I had already spotted at the bus stop. I didn't hesitate much, I immediately asked them if they lived in the village and if they would be interested and have time for a photoshoot. Both of them answered yes, so on Wednesday evening, we arranged a spontaneous photoshoot in Megalochori.

Andris also works as a photographer (so he's no stranger to couples, wedding photography), and he had been trying to convince Judit for a while to do a photoshoot together, but now everything was perfect for this!! :)

I love every single photo, it completely captures the atmosphere of the Greek island, as well as Judit and Andris's relationship.

But the greatest joy for me was that Judit and Andris had a great time during the photoshoot, and after I sent them the series, Andris sent back the following message: "It will be difficult to choose a favorite because they're all amazing, and we are very much ourselves in the photos."

I think as a photographer, you couldn't ask for anything more beautiful to read!! :)

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