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love in the desert ✨ ❤️ - couple photoshoot in Dubai's desert

Updated: May 19

/Longing for travel. Longing for photography. Longing for photography while traveling./

It's 2:00 PM. We're standing in the parking lot of the Dubai Lulu Village shopping center. We're waiting for the driver to arrive so we can find each other and head off on another adventure: into the desert. As we set off, the driver turns on the radio, playing Arabic music. In the back of the bus, an Indian dad hums along. We're moving slowly through traffic, and as I listen to his humming, I close my eyes and doze off. When I open them again, the desert unfolds before me. Nothing but sand all around. We've been traveling for over an hour and a half now. We stop. I hope we've finally arrived. It was just a quick detour to buy something from the locals. I'm eager to move on. Finally, we set off again. And we just keep going and going. Suddenly, I see a camel and its calf to the right. In the desert. Outdoors. Meanwhile, I bask in the sunlight streaming through the window. We arrive. Now comes the exciting part. We transfer to a jeep, and the "desert rally" begins to get deeper into the desert. We hold on tight. We scream. We climb the tallest dunes. Here we are. In the desert. The sand is silky. The planes shine like stars in the sky. The sun shines bright red and round. It will be set soon. I'm in the desert. With my camera in hand. Now or never. The thought comes, and just before the last rays of the setting sun, I rush over to a couple taking photos. I introduce myself. I tell them who I am and what I do. They kindly turn to me. They're very happy to see me. We have 10 minutes. We take a random series of shots. In November, at 28 degrees Celsius, in the middle of the desert, at sunset.

It's 6:00 PM. Here I am in the desert. The sun has set. The sky is dark. My camera returns home richer with a series of photos. And I return home richer with such a wonderful day.


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